AlHakam Shaar

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Budapest, Oktober 6 u. 7 | 207
+3613273000 l ext. 2228

AlHakam Shaar is the Holbrooke Fellow for The Aleppo Project at the Shattuck Center on Conflict, Negotiations, and Recovery at Central European University in Budapest. Since he joined the Aleppo Project in January 2015, he has collaborated with Aleppians of all walks of life, including urban planners, cultural heritage experts and civil society actors, and worked closely with graduate students of public policy researching problems that are most likely to face post-war Aleppo. AlHakam was lecturer of English at Isik University, Istanbul and holds a Masters in TESOL from the University of Aleppo. His fascination with Aleppo’s heritage started at the age of ten when his family renovated and moved to an Old Aleppo house.

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