Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov

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Lead Researcher, Rule of Law Group

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Budapest, Nador u. 13 | 509

Professor Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov (LEGS '02) leads the Rule of Law Workgroup at CEU Democracy Institute and teaches at the Department of Legal Studies. His research focuses on the principles of law in the global context, with a special emphasis on the Rule of Law, citizenship, and the enforcement of EU values.

His first monograph, which criticized the Rule of Law and democracy promotion by the EU in Central and Eastern Europe — EU Enlargement and the Failure of Conditionality (Kluwer, 2008) — was followed by Citizenship (MIT Press, 2019Il Mulino 2020Eksmo 2021), which dissects the dark side of this concept and was reviewed in The New York Review of Books. Prof. Kochenov published numerous edited collections, including, Kälin and Kochenov's Quality of Nationality Index (Hart Publishing, 2020, with Justin Lindeboom); The Internal Market and the Future of European Integration (Cambridge, 2019, with Fabian Amtenbrink et al.); The Enforcement of EU Law and Values (Oxford, 2017 with András Jakab); EU Citizenship and Federalism (Cambridge, 2017); Reinforcing Rule of Law Oversight in the EU (Cambridge, 2016, with Carlos Closa); Europe's Justice Deficit? (Hart Publishing, 2015, with Gráinne de Búrca and Andrew Williams); European Union's Shaping of the International Legal Order (Cambridge, 2013, with Fabian Amtenbrink); and a number of others. Dimitry Vladimirovich's latest papers include 'EU Values are Law, after All' (YEL 2021, with Kim Scheppele and Barbara Grabowska-Moroz), 'Independence and Lawful Composition of the Court of Justice of the EU' (NYU Jean Monnet Paper, 2/2020, with Graham Butler) and 'Ending the Passport Apartheid' (I-CON 2020).

Prof. Kochenov is PI on 'Rule of Law Practices' in the Horizon2020 RECONNECT consortium. Serving the academic community, Dimitry Vladimirovich sat on ERC Advanced grants panels, national research councils, and took part in the FCT national research assessment of Portuguese institutions of higher education. He sits on the editorial boards, inter alia, of the Hague Journal on the Rule of LawReview of DemocracyOxford Encyclopaedia of European Law, Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta Serija 11: Pravo and Review of Central and East European Law.

Before returning to CEU Dimitry Vladimirovich was a professor in Groningen (in the North of the Netherlands) and held visiting appointments at Princeton University (Crane Fellowship in Law and Public Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School and a Visiting Professorship at the University Center for Human Values); University of Oxford (COMPAS, School of Anthropology); NYU Law School (Émile Noël Fellowship); College of Europe (Visiting Professorship); Basel Institute of Global Studies (Visiting Fellowship); Boston College (Senior Clough Fellowship); University of Turin (Visiting Chair in Private Law), LUISS Guido Carli (Rome, Visiting Co-Chair in EU Law), UNAM Mexico, Osaka Graduate School of Law and countless others. He served as the founding chairman of the Investment Migration Council (Geneva). Prof. Kochenov consults governments and international organizations on the subjects of his interest. He has done work for The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Malta, European and Scottish parliaments and acted as expert in front of courts. So he was retained as an expert by Clifford Chance in some of the Bancoult cases, helping the Chagossians expelled from their archipelago by the British Crown. The Economist, FT, NYT, BBCCBCNBC, Le Monde, Rzeczpospolita and other leading outlets paid attention to Dimitry's work / published his op-eds and interviews. Among the honours he received, there is a cookie named after him at Black and Bloom in Groningen.

Dimitry Vladimirovich is currently working on two monographs: EU Rule of Law Case-Book (with Laurent Pech) and EU Citizenship: Ius Tractum of Many Faces (on contract with Hart), as well as two edited volumes: Research Handbook on the Politics of Constitutionalism (EE, with Mark Tushnet) and The Sales of Citizenship and Residence: Redrawing the Boundaries of Belonging (Cambridge, 2021, with Kristin Surak).

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