Edward Bellinger

Contact information

  •   His  Chair of Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University
  • Director of Pollution and Environmental Studies, School of Biological Sciences, Manchester University (1979-present)
  • Lecturer in Public Health, Engineering Department, Civil Engineering, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (1969-79)
  • Biologist, Metropolitan Water Board, London (1964-68)
  • Member of the Department of the Environment Standing Committee of Analysts (UK Government Committee)
  • Editorial Panel for the Journal Institution of Water and Environment Management.

Research Interests:

  • Management of ecological systems with special reference to freshwaters
  • Studies on lake catchments and their impact on water quality: the effects of changes in land use on environmental quality, lake management; the growth and population structure of phytoplankton communities and their manipulation, the uptake of metals and other chemicals by algae; the use of constructed wetlands and other biological methods for the treatment of wastewaters and the improvement of water quality in flowing and standing bodies of water; the ecological impact of industrial pollution on aquatic and terrestrial systems and its remediation.
  • Techniques in education with special reference to distance learning.


Ph.D. (London)
B.Sc. (London)