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Budapest, Nador u. 13 | 605
(36-1) 327-3000 ext. 2077

Eva Fodor is associate professor of Gender Studies and is currently the Co-Director of CEU's Democracy Institute.  She has a Ph.D. in Sociology  from the University of California in Los Angeles and works in the field of comparative social inequalities.  She is interested in how and why gender differences in the labor market and elsewhere are reshaped, renegotiated and reproduced in different societies.  Her book, “Working Difference” compares the organizing principles and everyday practices of state socialist and capitalist gender regimes in Hungary and Austria between the late 1940s and 1990s.   A more recent research  project compares post-communist EU members states and examines the relationship between gender differences in poverty and the ways in which countries are integrated into the global capitalist economy.   Her current research interests include the impact of the Covid - 19 pandemic on the division of care work, and the transformation of the foster care system in Hungary as a case study of how an illiberal regime has reengineered an aspect of the welfare state.  In yet another research strand she explores the gendered construction of the ideal work in the finance sector as well as the experience of the motherhood penalty among professional and working class women.  She uses a variety of methods for her analysis, including historical archival research, qualitative interviews and high tech quantitative analyses of large datasets.



Ph.D. in Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1997.
B.A and M.A. in English, History, and Sociology, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, 1990.

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