Éva Nagy


Contact information

Oktober 6 u. 12 | 210
+36 1 327-3000x3032

I am the coordinator of the Hungarian Accredited Doctoral School of History (Közép-európai Egyetem Történettudományi Doktori Iskola) and the responsible person for the  Hungarian Doctoral Database (doktori.hu): announce doctoral defenses, create professors and PhD students personal data sheets, manage supervisors etc. 
I collect and process data related to the Hungarian accreditation of the Doctoral School (publications, citations, statistical datas, student related info, etc.).
I assist faculty in updating their publication and citation lists in MTMT (Hungarian Scientific Bibliography), importing selected publications to the Hungarian Doctoral Database (doktori.hu) and related homepages, databases. I follow up correspondence with faculty, central offices, library, web-team, ODT (Hungarian Doctoral Council), etc., in so far as the documentation of the Hungarian accredited Doctoral School is concerned.
I follow up changes in the laws and regulations connected to the Hungarian accreditation.
I prepares a workflow description for ODT, MTMT, HUN-accredited DSH related tasks.
I liaison with doctoral coordinators of the two programs of the Doctoral School of History (History and Medieval Studies Department), and I complete various tasks related to the smooth administration of the HUN-accredited Doctoral School of History.


MA Political Science, ELTE, 2011