Glória Jakab-Valkai

Contact information

Budapest, Nador u. 9, Monument Building | 212

As Chief of Staff, Glória co-ordinates all functions and activities of the the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President's Office. She supports the COO and the Non-Academic Unit Heads in providing effective leadership, prioritising the right things and delivering the agreed operational objectives of CEU. 

Before joining CEU, Glória had gained experience at multinational companies, studied and delivered in the fields of agile, transformation, operations, people and project management, sales support, customer care and purchasing. She was an expert in organizational effectiveness at IBM, assessing and improving teams, processes and metrics. Earlier, she served as operations leader, ensuring decision making is supported by data and facts, and operational targets are met. 

Glória has an M.Sc. degree in Economics obtained at the University of Pécs, majoring in European Business Studies and minoring as Specialized English Translator. Fun fact: she learned fluent German by watching Austrian and German TV channels as a kid. 

She has an internal drive to develop herself and also to challenge the status quo when she sees any improvement opportunity. She equally enjoys working with people and with data and her goal is always to achieve mutually benefitial outcomes in a pragmatic yet collaborative way.