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Julian Schmid is a visiting research fellow in International Security, US Politics, Geopolitics, and Popular Culture at the Department of International Relations. His research explores a wide range of topics, many of which focus on the intersections between popular culture and world politics, geopolitics and violence. His doctoral thesis, completed at the University of Warwick (2021) focused on the role of superhero films and cinema for the construction of post-‘9/11’ security discourses and the ‘War on Terror’, and was nominated for the PSA Shirin M. Rai Prize for the best dissertation in International Relations. He is currently working on a monograph with Edinburgh University Press titled “Marvel, DC and US Security: The Superhero Genre and Foreign Policy in the 21st Century.” He is also a lecturer at Charles University and Sciences Po Paris and has previously taught on courses at the University of Warwick, Virginia Tech, Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Lausanne, the Vienna School of International Studies, Central European University, and Coimbra University. His current research interests encompass areas such as security discourses, political communication, US foreign policy, critical terrorism and military studies, as well as visual and digital politics.


PhD in Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick
MA in Political Science, University of Vienna

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