Kenning Arlitsch


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Kenning Arlitsch is director of the CEU Library. Prior to accepting the position at CEU he served for ten years as dean of the library at Montana State University, where he led a research library actively engaged in student success, statewide collaboration, and the university’s research enterprise. He has also held positions in library instruction, digital library development, and IT services. His funded research has focused on search engine optimization, as well as measuring impact and use of digital repositories. His research team developed the Repository Analytics & Metrics Portal (RAMP), which aggregates performance and use data from institutional repositories. His dissertation on Semantic Web Identity demonstrated that research libraries and other academic organizations are poorly understood by search engines, which may result in diminished grant funding, institutional reputation, and student and faculty recruitment.


PhD, Library and Information Science, Humboldt University zu Berlin, Germany
MLIS, Library and Information Science, University of Wilsonsin-Milwaukee, WI
BA, English literature, Alfred University, NY
AAS, Business Administration, Suffolk County Community College, NY

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