Logan Strenchock

Environmental and Sustainability Officer

Contact information

Budapest, Oktober 6 u. 12 | 511
+36 1 327 3000x2089

My work is focused on developing policies and guidelines for University sustainability, in particular those related to energy, water usage, procurement, travel planning, biodiversity, waste management, sustainable construction and consumption. Additionally, a major focus of my work deals with co-ordinating and delivering sustainability awareness and energy efficiency educational campaigns that seek to engage students and the university community. I am also responsible for administrating all tasks associated with BREEAM environmental accreditation of the campus redevelopment project. My personal research focuses on community based sustainability transition initiatives, short food supply chains and resilient agricultural systems, and Degrowth inspired movements.  I am also one of the co-founders  of Cargonomia, an urban bicycle logistics and local food distribution center in Budapest. I have gained experience as a researcher and participant in the development and implementation of transparent and localized food networks in the United States and Central Europe.


MSc Environmental Sciences, Policy and Mangament, Central European University, Lund University, University of Manchester, University of the Aegean
MSc Structural Analysis of Historic Monuments and Structures, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain, and University of Padova, Italy
BSc Civil Engineering, Lehigh University, USA