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Margaret Jenkins is a Research Associate at the Institute of Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) at Georgetown University. She is currently engaged with a two-year research project funded by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada that examines the experience of all-female peacekeeping contingents operating in conflict zones around the world. Her work exploring an all-female unit in the war-torn southern Philippines was published in an edited volume by the US Institute of Peace Press in 2015.

In addition to her current research with GIWPS, Margaret has worked on research projects with the US Institute of Peace, Georgetown's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and Global Affairs, and the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she was a Research Fellow from 2014 - 2015.

A political theorist by training, Margaret's academic work is at the intersection of public policy and political theory. Her work on all-female units illuminates the gender pressures of peacekeeping operations, and the challenges of gender mainstreaming in diverse ideological contexts. Margaret also has ongoing research on the theory and practice of multiculturalism, and the ethics of foreign policy, and published "Political Liberalism and Toleration in Foreign Policy" in the Journal of Social Philosophy in 2010.

In addition to her academic work, Margaret has worked as a consultant and policy advisor at the Canadian International Development Agency, and the UN Development Fund for Women.

Margaret has a PhD in political science from the University of Toronto, an MA in international affairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa, and a first class combined honours BA in philosophy and international development studies from Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Canada.

Margaret will teach a course on Gender, Violence, and War in the Spring Term 2016. Margaret moved from Boston to Budapest in August 2015 with her husband, Alexis Diamond (who is also Visiting Faculty at CEU SPP), and their three children.

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