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Marina obtained her PhD from the University of Essex in 2008 where she previously worked on the project "Elections and Political Transformation in Post Communist Europe." Before joining CEU, she was a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Essex with a project on mass media and democracy ( She previously taught at the Department of Political Science, School of Public Policy, University College London and at the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. She is also director of Median Research Centre in Bucharest – a not-for-profit non-partisan think tank. The most recent project of MRC is the information and discussion portal that includes the vote advice application developed by MRC for all national level elections since 2008 (parliamentary, presidential and EP) in Romania and the 2009 parliamentary elections in Moldova. Currently on leave.


PhD in Political Science, Department of Government, University of Essex, United Kingdom. Thesis title: Media Effects and Contingencies: A Cross-National Analysis of Television Influences on Voting Behaviour
MA in South East European Studies, Central European University, Budapest; GPA: 3.68/4. MA thesis titled ‘How Powerful are the Mass Media: A Study of Media Effects in Post-Communist Romania (1995-1997)
MA in Political Science, Central European University, Budapest. GPA: 3.58/4; MA dissertation titled ‘Media Effects in Election Campaigns: The Case of the 1996 Romanian Elections' awarded with distinction
BA degree program in Fine Arts, Academy of Arts of Bucharest, Faculty of Fine Arts
BA in Political Science, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science

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