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Budapest, Nador u. 11 | 215

Markian Prokopovych, currently at the University of Birmingham in the UK, is a long-term affiliate of Pasts Inc. His teaching and research focuses on cultural history of East Central Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth century, and more broadly on urban history and modern European cultural history. He is involved in a number of activities at CEU, including the editing of the journal East Central Europe 

Research Interests:

• cultural history of East Central Europe, 19th and 20th century
• urban history
• modern European history
• nationalism studies
• history of architecture, public celebrations and music
• history of science and technology
migration history

Courses Taught at CEU:

Imperial Metropoles: Habsburg and Ottoman Cities in the Long 19th century (with Nadia Al-Bagdadi, CEU/Budapest-Vienna Special Seminar, 2013)
Habsburg Cities and Urban Space in East Central Europe Around 1900 (MA/PhD seminar, CEU, 2011)
Fin-de-siècle Cities in Habsburg, Russian and Ottoman Empires. A Comparative Viewpoint (MA/PhD seminar, CEU, 2010)
Cities: Urban life and society in Europe from the Middle Ages to Modern Times (with Katalin Szende, MA lecture course, CEU, 2009)
Cities, Culture, Creativity: European Cities as Centers of Culture (with Ilona Sármány-Parsons, supported by Pasts Inc., CEU, Fall 2008)

Fellowships and Awards:

• Leverhulme Trust Fellowship, University of Birmingham, 2015-2018
• Fernand Braudel Fellowship, European University Institute, Florence, 2009
• Volkswagen Foundation Fellowship, the individual research project in Budapest within “Oper im Wandel der Gesellschaft. Die Musikkultur europäischer Metropolen im ‘langen’ 19. Jahrhundert,” 2005-2008
• DAAD Scholarship, Technical University of Berlin, research fellow, 2002-2003
• Open Society Institute-Chevening Scholarship, Oxford University, research fellow, 1999-2000
• MATRA Fellowship of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1997

Referee to:

• Central European University Press (Budapest, Hungary)
• Flemish Scientific Foundation (FWO)
• Michael Mitterauer sponsorship award of the Institute of Economic and Social History, University of Vienna
• Polish Scientific Foundation
Urban History (Cambridge University Press)

Editorial funtions:

Urban History, Cambridge University Press

Membership in Professional Organizations:

International Committee for the European Association for Urban History
• Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM), Austria
• Steering Committee of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Network for European Studies (GRAINES)
• Steering Committee of the Urban History Group, UK

Selected Publications:

Music and the City, Thematic issue of Urban History 40 (2013) 3, Guest editor
Thematic block on East European cities, Urban History 40 (2013) 1, Guest editor
Together with Maciej Janowski, Constantin Iordachi and Balázs Trencsenyi, Urban History in East Central Europe. Special issue of East Central Europe/l'Europe du Centre-Est. Eine wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift 33 (2006). Guest editor
With Rosemary H. Sweet. “Literary and Art Metropolises”, in: EGO: Europäische Geschichte Online – European History Online (2015)
“Scandal at the Opera: Politics, the Press and the Public at the Inauguration of the Budapest Opera House in 1884”, in: Austrian History Yearbook XLIV (2013), 88-107
• “Diadalmas birodalom: Johann Strauss és A cigánybáró a budapesti Operaházban 1905-ben” (Triumphant empire: Johann Strauss and the Gypsy Baron in the Budapest Opera House, 1905), in: Korall 51 (2013) 14, 41-60
• “Lemberg (Lwów, Ľviv), 1772-1918: If Not the Little Vienna of the East, or a National Bastion, What Else?” East Central Europe, 36 (2009)
• "Kopiec Unii Lubelskiej: Imperial Politics and National Celebration in fin-de-siècle Lemberg," ece-urban - the online publication series of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe


Habilitation in Modern History at the University of Vienna, 2012
Central European University, Budapest, Ph.D. in Comparative History, 2004
Central European University, Budapest, Masters in Nationalism Studies, 1998
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam, diploma in Inner City Development in Transitional Economies, 1997
Academia Istropolitana, Bratislava, diploma in Architectural and Urban Heritage Conservation, 1996
Central European University, Prague, Masters-level diploma in Art History, 1995
L'viv Academy of Arts, L'viv, 5-year diploma in art and art history, 1995

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