Merse E. Gáspár

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Budapest, Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower | 4th floor, Room 409.

I earned my PhD from Eötvös University as an astrophysicist, I was the member of the LIGO-Virgo collaboration (international network of gravitational-wave detectors) for some years. As a postdoctoral fellow, I worked on biology related network science projects in Peter Csermely’s LINK-Group and after that theoretical neuroscience in Gergő Orban’s Computational Systems Neuroscience Lab (supported by the “Momentum” programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences). Now, I started to work with Máté Lengyel on the topic of cognitive tomography. I used to write and give lectures on popular science. I am an amateur magician, mentalist and trick creator.


PhD in Astrophysics, ELTE

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