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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | 202/A


Nadia Jones-Gailani's research interests include migrants and migration networks, diaspora and transnationalism, feminist ethnography, gender and sexuality, Islamic and postcolonial feminist critique, religious ritual, memory and trauma, and food history. She teaches courses on feminist qualitative ethnographic methods, gender and migration, postcolonialism and postcolonial feminisms, decolonial practices, Islamic feminism, and political radicalism in Islam, bringing to these topics a much needed historical context for understanding current events and processes that have precipitated increasing displacement, conflict, and radicalism globally.

Her new book manuscript, Transnational Identity and Memory Making in the Lives of Iraqi Women in Diaspora (September 2020), published by University of Toronto Press, explores the memories and identities of displaced Iraqi female refugees over several sites of settlement in Jordan and later in North America. With a focus on Muslim feminism in the modern Arab World, her research interests focus on individual life histories and what these can tell us about women’s day-to-day experiences.


Select Supervision:

Arpenik Atabekyan, “Mapping Women’s Exclusions from Many Publics: The Reproduction of Gendered Spaces in Urban Yerevan,” MA thesis, Department of Gender Studies, CEU, 2018.

 Glenda Belen del Rosario Huerto Vizcarra, “A Journey Through Fear: Resistance, Assimilation, and Negotiation in Woman Migrants’ Experiences of Otherness in Spain,” MA thesis, Department of Gender Studies, CEU, 2018.

Zainab Najeeb, “The Politics of Displacement: The Question of Internally Displaced Women in Pakistan, Undocumented Loss and Binding Custom,” MA thesis, Department of Gender Studies, CEU, 2018.

Asha Devi, “Sexual Harassment in Assam: A Postcolonial Analysis of “Modern Indian Woman,” MA Thesis, Department of Gender Studies, CEU, 2017.


PhD History, University of Toronto
MA History, Queen's University (Kingston)

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