Dorottya Rédai

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Budapest, Zrinyi u. 14 | 510B

I graduated in Gender Studies at CEU in 2003. I wrote my MA thesis about gender in the school curriculum reforms of the 1990s in Slovenia and Hungary. Around that time I got involved in the Hungarian feminist and LGBT movements. In 2004 became - and I still am - a member of Labrisz Lesbian Association, and I have been doing activist work in other LGBT and women's NGOs, as well. After graduation I was working as a freelance researcher for 3 years. From 2006 to 2014 I was employed at the Department of Gender Studies at CEU as a coordinator and researcher in several EU research projects, focusing on women and the labour market, women and poverty, and women and work-life balance policies. In 2008 I started my PhD studies at the Department. My broader research interest is gender and sexuality in education; the title of my dissertation (to be defended in October 2015) is "Sexing the School. Constituting Gender, Ethnicity and Class through Discourses of Sexuality in a Hungarian Secondary School." I worked as a tutor in gender studies at the Roma Access Programs of CEU in 2012-2014. My non-academic education activities include being a volunteer facilitator in the school program "Getting to Know LGBT People", run by Labrisz and Szimpozion Association, since 2004, and being a facilitator trainer in the program since 2012. After My PhD defence I and the school nurse who was teaching in the school where I did my doctoral fieldwork are going to launch a new sex education program which we are developing together. In the Winter Semester of 2015/2016 I am teaching an MA course titled "Gender and Sexuality in Education" at the DEpartment of Gender Studies.


MA degree in English Language and Literature, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
MA degree in Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest
Doctoral Candidate in Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest

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