Nora Wagner-Varady

Project Manager

Contact information

Budapest, Nador u. 11 | iLab

I am a CEU alumna with a decade of interdisciplinary experience in both the government and the private sectors. My expertise spans project management, business development, service and UX design, digital marketing and communication. Before coming to CEU I was working in the Hungarian foreign service as a consul at the embassy of Hungary in Denmark. 
I like environments where business, design, technology and lots of inspiring and committed people can work together to make a positive impact in the world. And I am confident CEU iLab is such a place! Therefore I am very happy to be part of the iLab as a project manager, where I can use my experience as a former diplomat as well as my digital and business skills to build our international partnerships and help our startup teams grow. 


MA in Nationalism Studies, Central European University
MA in International Studies and Diplomacy, Corvinus University
Minor in European Studies, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III
American Institute on Political and Economic Systems, Georgetown University
Specialization in UX/UI Design, California Institute of the Arts