Constitutions, Law and Regulation

Research area description/sub-categories:

  • Comparative Constitutional Law: civil and political rights in established and emerging democracies; biomedical law and reproductive rights; enforcement of socio-economic rights, governance in transition to democracy; comparative constitutional adjudication; freedom of religion and free speech in a global world; broadcasting law; European Union law with emphasis on institutional law and litigation; comparative constitutional adjudication; corruption; constitutional transplants; administrative law.
  • Human Rights Law: international protection of human rights; politics and theories of European integration; minority rights; freedom of expression; human rights and criminal justice; freedom of religion; Roma rights; welfare rights in welfare states; constitutional protection of basic rights; human rights in Africa.
  • International Business Law: international commercial arbitration; law and ethnicity; language and translation in international dispute settlement; investment law; enforcement of contracts; comparative secured transactions; capital markets and securities regulation in emerging markets.
  • Biomedical Law: Ethical, legal and social implications of life sciences, biotechnology, biobanks, genetics, death and dying, enhancement, reproductive technologies, stem cell research, transplantation, law and policy on bioethics, biomedicine, nanotechnology and other science and frontier technology issues. For more information, see the CEU research section on Bioethics.

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