History and Medieval Studies

Research area description/sub-categories: 

  • Historical Studies: comparative history, history of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe, history and nature of communist regimes, history of ideas, history and social memory, history didactics and history textbooks, history of religion, symbolic geographies.
  • Late Antique Studies: the interplay of politics and religion in the fourth- through seventh-century Mediterranean, the formative periods of Christianity and Islam, 'peripheries' of the late antique empire, especially Syrian Christianity and the Caucasus.
  • Byzantine Studies: political, cultural, intellectual and religious history of the Byzantine empire from the seventh through the 15th centuries especially in relation to the Balkans, the Romanian Principalities and in the Caucasus.
  • Medieval Studies: Western, Central and Eastern European history of the Middle Ages, the Eastern Mediterranean from Constantine the Great to Suleyman the Magnificent (Late Antique, Byzantine & Early Ottoman Studies). History of Medieval Religion, Philosophy, and Science: material culture of the Middle Ages (archaeology, art history, archaeozoology, historical anthropology, etc.)
  • Ottoman Studies: the Ottoman presence and legacy in Europe from the 14th to the 20th centuries, the regional peculiarities and role of the vast Ottoman territories in Asia and Africa in the overall imperial system.

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