Robin Bellers

Senior Lecturer
Academic Writing Instructor
Senior Lecturer

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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | C107
+43 125 230 6101

Robin has been teaching academic writing for graduate students at CEU since 1999. He also taught undergraduate academic writing at Corvinus University, Budapest, until 2007. At CEU, Robin works with students from the departments of IR, Political Science, Environmental Sciences and Policy, History and Network and Data Science and since 2020 he has designed and taught a new academic writing course for the undergraduate PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) program. Robin has for several years now delivered outreach courses on academic writing for professional researchers with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and previously to economists at the Hungarian Central Bank, and for the Helsinki Committee in Budapest. He has also delivered academic writing courses in other countries for masters, PhD students in Lithuania, Estonia, Holland, and training for faculty in Myanmar, Russia and FR of Yugoslavia. Robin has also taught courses in teacher training, and more recently trainer training for Masters students at Corvinus University, where he also supervised student theses. He has co-authored a number of books, among them two coursebooks in use for advanced level International Relations students, and published articles in journals. Prior to working for CEU, he lived and worked in Spain, Hong Kong, Portugal, Colombia and, of course, Hungary.


MEd TTELT from The College of St Mark and St John, Exeter University, UK.

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