Sona Grigoryan

Academic Coordinator

Contact information

Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | D412
0043 1 252302215

Sona is a historian of the Abbasid era of Arab and Muslim history with a Ph.D. in History/Medieval Studies (Central European University, 2018).

Her doctoral research explored notions of unbelief and freethinking in the writings of the eleventh-century Syrian poet Abu l-‘Ala’ al-Ma’arri (d.1058). Her first MA research at the Yerevan State University dealt with modern Sunni fundamentalist thought, whereas her second MA research at CEU explored the anti-Christian polemics of the famous Muslim thinker Ibn Taymiyya (d.1328).  Sona's broader fields of research interest are critique of religion, religious polemics, and Muslim-Christian relationships in the Middle Ages.



PhD in Hisory/Medieval Studies (Central European University)
MA in Medieval Studies (Central European University)
MA in Islamic Studies (Yerevan State University)