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Budapest, Nador u. 15 | 214

Thomas has been teaching academic writing at CEU since 1996. In that time he has taught and consulted with MA and PhD students from most departments: Philosophy, Medieval Studies, History, Sociology & Social Anthropology, IRES, Political Science, Legal Studies, and Economics. He has a B.A. from Villanova University, an M.A. from Arizona State University, and in 2012 was awarded a PhD (summa cum laude) from the English Renaissance and Baroque Literature program at Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem in Budapest. His work has appeared in Shakespeare Survey, Shakespearean International Yearbook, Early Modern Literary Studies and Notes & Queries. His most recent conference papers were given at the Montaigne in Early Modern England and Scotland Conference (Durham, U.K., 2015), the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America (New Orleans), and the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America (Boston).


B.A., Villanova University, 1982
M.A., Arizona State University, 1985
PhD, ELTE, 2012

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