Communications, Marketing & Outreach Office

The CEU Communications, Marketing & Outreach Office advances CEU’s strategic goals by showcasing the activities of the University’s leadership, faculty and staff, along with those of its students and alumni.

We handle CEU's media relations, internal and external communication, branding and visual image. Our team is responsible for managing CEU's central social media, as well as rich media content creation, photography, publications, and branded stationery and merchandise. The directorate also oversees the institutional website and web development. We are the communications liaison with CIVICA.

We work closely with other professional services units, and academic and academic-support departments across CEU to coordinate external communications. We advise faculty, staff, academic departments and research centers on their communications strategies and we provide skills development and training across our areas of oversight. We produce a diverse range of resources to support our colleagues.

contact information

Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | B306-B308
+43 1 25230 7111 x7398
Budapest, Nador u. 11 | 406/402a
(+36 1) 327 3000 x2524


Video Program Manager
Drupal System Architect
Graphic Designer
Drupal Developer
Director of Strategic Outreach
External Relations Officer
Web Unit Manager
Web Server Configuration Specialist (halftime)
Social Media Specialist
Content Specialist
Media Relations Manager
Marketing Specialist
External Relations Officer
Internal Communications
Drupal Developer