Doctoral School of History

The Doctoral School of History, accredited in Hungary, was created from the association of two doctoral programs accredited by the New York Board of Regents, namely, the Doctoral Program of Medieval Studies (1996) and the Doctoral Program of History (1997). The aim of both of these programs is to integrate the comparative study of regional cultures, multidisciplinary methodologies, a unique geographic location and a multinational faculty, as well as modern facilities and assets, so as to provide new directions of research into the historical issues associated with a region of major importance. A common doctoral school facilitates research on these issues on the basis of sources spanning a wider historical period; in this way doctoral candidates working on post-medieval topics will achieve a better knowledge of the historical roots of their subjects and, at the same time, doctoral candidates working on medieval topics will acquire a wider and more modern context for integrating the results of their research.

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