Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives

The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA) at CEU actively collects, preserves, and makes openly accessible documents related to recent history and human rights. It also experiments with new ways to contextualize primary sources, developing innovative tools to explore, represent, or bridge traditional archival collections in a digital environment. Our approach to acquisition is increasingly proactive and inclusive, and we actively seek out non-traditional material, material previously marginalized based on its content, social origin, or form. At OSA Archivum, professional archival work is integrated with public programs, and our Galeria Centralis serves as the focal point of exhibitions, performances, film screenings, lectures, and seminars. Through all of these endeavors, we advocate: open access and transparency in public administration; equal rights to information; the ethical use of private data; open formats and open standards; and broad access to cultural heritage.

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Budapest, Arany Janos u. 32 | Ground Floor
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