OSUN Secretariat

OSUN Secretariat at CEU was established for the purpose of planning, implementation and administration of programs and projects of the Open Society University Network at the Central European University and CEU’s proactive and efficient collaboration with OSUN partners. 

OSUN Secretariat at CEU manages activities related to CEU’s leading role and practical engagement as a founding partner of the Open Society University Network through a range of tasks and activities:  

  • Introducing OSUN to the relevant CEU units; sharing OSUN priorities, activities, and news through the OSUN newsletter, and liaising with the CEU Communications Office in promoting OSUN events and calls for concepts.  
  • Assisting CEU faculty and units in preparation of their program concepts, budgets, and detailed program proposals and approval of the proposals.  
  • Administration of OSUN-related grants and sub-grants (grant application, administrative and financial guidance), submitting reports to donors.  
  • Assisting project leaders at CEU with contracts, budget, and overall administration, as well as submitting interim and final reports, and funding extensions.  
  • Managing CEU online course applications by OSUN students, SITS registration and coordinating e-learning access and issuing transcripts.  
  • Managing OSUN Faculty Mobility for CEU faculty going to other OSUN institutions and for OSUN faculty coming to CEU. 
  • Managing OSUN Civic Engagement projects at CEU. 
  • Administration of the OSUN network-wide Threatened Scholars’ Integration Initiative (TSI). 
  • OSUN strategic planning; organizing and participating in meetings: regular Secretariat meetings, OSUN Management Committee meetings, Chief Academic Officer meetings, Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative meetings, project leaders/partners meetings, working groups meetings. 
  • Support in organizing in-person meetings in Vienna and Budapest. 

contact information

Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | B-508


Project Administrative Coordinator OSUN-TSI
OSUN Community Engagement Programs Coordinator
Coordinator of the OSUN Secretariat, Open Society University Network, CEU